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What is Soccer for Success?

Soccer is more than a game. Our Program uses soccer to improve children's physical and mental and overall well-being in underserved communities.

Program Impact

Independent studies show that our after-school program improves health outcomes and leads to improved social and emotional well-being.

  • 18,000+children have built positive skills through our program

  • 88% of kids are better teammates in group activities

  • 86% of youth show positive behaviors like staying in school

  • 83% of youth adopt healthier, more active habits

Program Components

Physical Activity

Children get the recommended 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous  physical activity during each session.

Health & Wellness

Children learn how to stay healthy in body and mind with fun and engaging activities.

Community Engagement

The program provides families with information to help them live healthier lifestyles and nurture their child’s personal growth.


Coaches are trained as mentors who teach soccer and help kids build confidence and critical life skills.

Safe Spaces

The program provides spaces that are physically and emotionally safe for students.


Jersey kit if program is completed

75-90 minutes of play per day

3 days of exercise  per week

24 weeks of activities each year


Spring 2024 Sites

Soccer For Success Sites and practice dates

Highland Park Tue/Thu 6pm-7:30pm​

Emancipation Park

Herman Brown Park

Kendall Community Center

Milby Park Mon/Wed 6pm-7:30pm

Burnett-Bayland Park Mon/Wed 6pm-7:30pm


Alief Park Tue/Thu 6pm-7:30pm


Moody Park Tue/Thu 6pm-7:30

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